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If you want to know more about us or if you are interested in retaining our services, please either e-mail assignments@mathiasco.com or submit the form below.

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Privacy Policy: We have a zero tolerance policy on violations of privacy and confidentiality, which means we do not share your data with any other parties and will only contact you if you invite us to do so by completing the form.

Please note that while we appreciate your questions and feedback, we may not be able to respond to all e-mail messages.

Mathias and Co. Technology Partnerships
Mathias and Co. has a number of business partnerships with technology partners who specialize in CRM tools for professional service firms. If you wish to discuss a potential partnership, please mail partnerships@mathiasco.com.

Information Requests - Vendor Inquiries
Please note that we do not accept unsolicited communications from vendors.

Media Inquiries
If you a journalist or conference organizer, please mail media@mathiasco.com.

Please note, Mathias and Co. is a privately held firm. We do not issue an annual report nor do we publish earning information. For information about our firm, please see the About Mathias and Co. section of this web site.

Information Requests - Contacting People
To protect the privacy of our consultants and staff, we do not publish an employee directory on this web-site. To contact a specific individual please e-mail info@mathiasco.com.

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Lund, Sweden

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