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Managing Client Relationships

Client Strategy

Mathias Client Relationship Methodology

Mathias Client Advisor

Managing Relationships with Financial Institutions

Outline Summary

1. Developing a Client Profile more   
2. Dimensioning the Wallet more   
3. Defining your Client Service Team (CST) more   
4. Setting Critical Account Objectives (CAO's) for the overall Client Service Team
5. Translating C.A.O. into marketing activity
6. Using client management technologies to develop superior insight and ideas
7. Focusing the Client Service Team on the Major Wallet/Retention of Business and Repeat Transactions
8. Relationship economics
9. Preparing for the annual relationship reviews - and the Relationship Cycle
10. Building Institutionalised Relationships
11. Personal Accountability


1. Developing a Client Profile

Peter Mathias
How a client's strategy shapes opportunity for the firm.
Focusing on the "wallet of the future" vs the ‘wallet of the past’.
Understanding the key performance needs of the client.
How the client defines and allocates roles for its core providers.
Understanding how the client manages its core providers vis a vis its second tier providers
Relationship economics (Coverage intensity vs. Current + Potential Wallets)
Understanding where you are in the Relationship Zone


2. Dimensioning the Wallet

Per Fremlin
Drivers of the wallet
multiple buying windows
multiple business units
multiple geographies
Sizing the separate components of the client’s wallet
stable or operating expenditure
market driven client spend
event driven spend
Defining the available wallet
product depth
Optimising share of wallet (profitability vs. risk)


3. Defining the Client Service Team (CST)

Peter Mathias
Aligning the core CST with the role of the firm and the wallet opportunities
Defining other sales teams – composition, roles, responsibilities, integration and co-ordination with the client service team
sector coverage team
product coverage teams
regional coverage teams
business division (e..g. core bank, securities firms, insurance company, asset management and private banks)
Aligning the coverage profile and sales activity of products sales teams and regional sales teams with the overall client relationship