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How Mathias Client Advisor Works

mCA comprises the Mathias client management methodology supported by client management technology.  Although in the past, many of our clients have successfully implemented client management programs using our methodology and little or no technology.  Today more and more clients are leveraging their program results by using technology to increase

  • consistency of approach;
  • individual accountability;
  • aggregated insights;
  • scalability.

However, spending more on technology doesn't correlate with improved coverage productivity - often the reverse is true.  Instead what is required is an appropriate balance of sales management, planning, contact management and knowledge management - Level 3, or 'Smart CRM', functions which in combination increase productivity.  Furthermore, once you have the 'right' technology, the key driver for its adoption by coverage professionals is the quality and integration of the business and system training provided to support it.

CRM functions can be divided into three buckets of levels as follows:

  • Level 1 - Universal Functions
  • Level 2 - Product Specific Functions
  • Level 3 - Smart CRM

In the diagram below, illustrative coverage workflows are depicted to illustrate the CRM functions required to support them. It shows that Level 1 functionality that supports 'Servicing' workflows can make coverage more efficient and help the bank to identify and eliminate duplicated or low value coverage activities.

Very few packaged CRM vendors provide Level 2 and Level 3 functionality that is relevant to the client management methodologies used in corporate banking out of the box. However, Level 2 and Level 3 functions are required for the bank to 'shape' rather than simply 'service' the relationship with the client.

Unfortunately, customized development is fraught with risk and often rejected by senior coverage professionals because 'it doesn't work the way I want to work'. The solution is to adopt a program that integrates both business process and software functions and provides Level 2 & 3 functionality 'out of the box'

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