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Managing Client Relationships

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Why MCA Works

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Why Mathias Client Advisor Works

Banks are in the process of migrating knowledge about their defining client relationships from 'ownership by the individuals' to 'ownership by the institution'. Moreover, they face increasing pressure to provide visibility, accountability and scalability of coverage activities and outcomes. However, to leverage knowledge about clients and increase returns on coverage investments, banks require a strategic client management program that explicitly integrates the business processes of high quality (i.e. as the client defines quality) of coverage with supporting technology.

This means technology must support the day to day activities of front office staff covering clients (i.e. forming a view; determining account strategy; preparing for an important call, etc.). Three critical factors are required for a client management technology to create business value for front office staff and (equally as important) for the bank's clients:

  • Impact - content, layout, and functionality that assists the banker to: manipulate the plan data to 'see' the key issues facing the client; generate and replicate compelling ideas that solve these issues; 'sell' these ideas to the client during the coverage process to create share of mind.
  • Efficiency - enabling front office staff to do more in less time.
  • Simplicity - a simple, flexible user interface that bankers find easy and appealing to use.

A client management program that is underpinned by technology that supports impact, efficiency and simplicity will address the failure factors that de-rail client management programs.

Successful programs can achieve 5%+ improvements in revenues from Tier 1 clients and c. 10%+ reductions in coverage costs. Even for midsized banks this can represent savings and additional revenues of several million dollars; for larger banks, the rewards are much higher.

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